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We are proud to say our Laundry services are done to high standards with fabric friendly detergents, hence all our laundry are Soft, Fresh and white are even whiter and brighter.


Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning process is similar to laundry. Using a chemical solvent to process textiles other than water. The solvent used is typically tetrachloroethylene(perchloroethylene), abbreviated "perc" in the cleaning industry.



Professional pressing and finishing, added to our desire to please, have given Washaholic Dry-Cleaners a reputation of satisfying their customers throughout Lagos.


Repairs and Alterations

We offer an array of repair services such as new zippers, trouser/slack sleeves shortening and lengthening, new buttons, repair holes and tears, elbow patches, custom fittings.


Leather & Suede Care

Here at Washaholic, we have all the necessary skills and expertise to clean and rejuvenate most Leather & Suede


Special garments

We protect & preserve the beauty of your special garments. Through a modern miracle of cleaning & packaging, you can keep your special garments as fresh & beautiful as the day you got it. Our unique service protects fabrics from light, dust, bacteria, moths & other airborne pollutants that destroy loveliness.


Rugs & Carpets

Keep your rugs and carpets looking their best! Washaholic Drycleaners can properly care for all types of rugs and carpets, giving them the special touch and attention they deserve.


Duvets, Linen & Curtains

Don't you just love having a fresh, clean bed to curl up in at night? ...not just fresh sheets, but a fresh duvet! Here at Washaholic Dry-cleaners, we use our industrial washing machines to wash your duvets regardless of the size.
It is advisable that domestic curtains, swags and pelmets are cleaned quarterly in a year to ensure your household stays dust and dirt free to prolong their life. Your curtains can be delicately cleaned and pressed by our professional team.


Priority Services (Express Work)

At Washaholic, we provide priority services where you can be rest assured your laundry comes out having a “like-new” look in the space of 30minutes.


Free Pickup and Delivery

Either at your home or work place, Washaholic Drycleaners will pick-up and deliver your garments at no extra charge provided we are picking up above 10 items. This great service is just a phone call away! Call with questions or to set up your next pick-up! Laundry bag provided with no charge. Call today +2348060000408.

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