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General FAQs

1. What we offer as proof of ownership of land?
Title Deed (Excision, Governors Consent, Gazette, C of O not leaving contract of Sales and Registered Surveys

2. Terms of payment?
Outright and we also allow installments

3. Who to pay to?
We Promote PWANHOMES LTD Products, PWAN HOMES LTD is the First and leading Real Estate Marketing Company In Nigeria

4. Do we charge site inspection fee?
No! Absolutely free

5. When are the inspection days?
Every day - Mondays to Saturdays while Sunday by special arrangement

6. When is allocation?
With completion of payment or within completion of payments subject to the company's
Discretion, Plots will be allocated based on first come, first serve

7. How can one certify that the land is genuine and legal?
Clients can verify the co-ordinates or conduct official land search using title Documents

8. Would there be any survey fee and documentation of plots purchased
Yes, depending on the Estate, please see Estates FAQ.

9. What do I get after completion of payment?
Receipt and contract of sales, Deed of Assignment, Allocation letter etc.

10. Can I deposit and balance anytime within the duration of tenure chosen?
After the payment of the initial deposit you are expected to pay the balance monthly. Nonpayment of monthly Installments as at when due will be treated as fundamental breach of contract which can result to termination or revocation of contract

11. Can I start construction or building on the land?
You can after physical allocation and payment of the stipulated survey fee and development levy

12. Is the road to the estates motor-able?
Yes, it is and where it is not PWAN HOMES LTD will develop it

13. Can I resell my plots?
Landwise can buy back plots from subscribers who have paid up on their Land or get a buyers for you. A charge of 10% (agency) is deducted from purchases/selling/current price in both cases.

16. What is the size of the plot?
Usually 600sqm or as stated in the Particular Estate.


To create optimum investment portfolio with global outlook through outstanding service delivery.


To enhance the lives of hardworking Nigerians and in diaspora to own land and properties as well as make land accessible with integrity, professionalism, and sustainability to maximize returns on clients investment.


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