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About us

Landwise is a Nigerian owned real estate company committed to enhancing hardworking Nigerians and in diaspora to own land and properties through seamless payment  arrangements. Landwise has grown in leaps and bounds, selling lands and rendering comprehensive real estate services. We provide services ranging from residential, commercial and properties development consultancy.
Services : We have keen eyes for areas with very high potential investment and development, thus ensuring our clients receive the highest possible rate of returns on investment. We have professional teams of financiers, architects, contractors, legal advisers, surveyors and a host of service providers to ensure that our clients’ needs are met even as we assist them to buy, build and become happy home owners, identify and make land purchase available to buyers, real estate consultancy, advise on buying and development of property that ensure steady inflow of income




To create optimum investment portfolio with global outlook through outstanding service delivery.


To enhance the lives of hardworking Nigerians and in diaspora to own land and properties as well as make land accessible with integrity, professionalism, and sustainability to maximize returns on clients investment.


Reliability, Service Oriented, Affordability.